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About Us

World’s fastest growing B2B marketplace for Lab-grown Diamonds, Fuego Trade was birthed after breaking down barriers between Bricks & Clicks. The company has revolutionized the world of lab-grown diamond trading by providing direct access to manufacturers and buyers from all across the globe.

Using futuristic features such as, virtual in-store inventory experience, 360° product view, inventory management system, custom personal stores, price evaluation & trend tracking, consolidated invoicing & shipping, integrated certifications and more, Fuego Trade has completely transformed the market for Lab-grown Diamonds.

With an unrivaled collection of top-tier lab-grown diamonds, extensive research on the broad patterns of the diamond trading industry, innovative thinking and a customer centric approach, Fuego Trade has shown impressive growth & established itself as reliable, efficient, problem solver in the global Lab-grown diamond trade sector.

In a short span of time, the company has addressed and found simplified solutions to the major obstacles faced by the industry. Enhancing transparency within the community, rolling out tracking & traceability in the supply chain, bringing down the time and cost of operation, Fuego Trade has empowered companies to take their business to a global scale.

  • Vision

    To become the world’s #1 Marketplace for lab-grown diamonds and all its by-products.

  • Mission

    To empower people with the most reliable Lab-grown Diamond marketplace that caters to all customer requirements.

  • Values

    Total Transparency, Improved Efficiency, Safety & Security, Responsible Operation, Ethical Business Practices,Timely Delivery, Constant Improvement, Measuring Response